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Meet Celina

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Hello There!

Celina’s passion is providing parents with the tools, information, and support they need during the fourth trimester, and being an instrumental part of increasing their confidence as a new parent. She prides herself on her adaptability to support the needs of a new, or changing, family. Her postpartum practice focuses on maternal and infant mental health, respectful interactions and respectful parenting; practices she incorporates into her personal life as well.


Celina lives in Denver with her partner Tyler, and in December 2020 their family grew when they had their daughter Penelope. Navigating motherhood was not as Celina expected it to be despite all of her training. After 7 weeks of doing it herself and respecting her body’s cues of needing help, she brought on a fellow Newborn Care Specialist. This experience truly opened her eyes to the value that having postpartum help brings into the home, and increased her advocacy when it comes to creating a village.


Motherhood has made Celina more aware of the individuality of each family and infant — that careful observation and respectful practices that are tailored to each child and family is very important. She takes this knowledge and experience along with a nutritional doula certification that she completed while pregnant, and utilizes it in her postpartum work.


While breastfeeding Penelope, she faced challenges that led her to find an incredible International Board Certified Lactation Counselor; this sparked her interest in learning more about breastfeeding. In September 2021 she completed her Certified Lactation Counselor training, and is proud to be able to offer that level of support to parents who choose to breast/chestfeed their baby.


Celina truly believes that parents have an intuition when it comes to their children; she believes in harnessing that and creating functional routines and systems that work for each individual family. Her approach towards her clients revolves around responsive care for both the newborn and the family, and she has an attentive and caring nature that gives parents peace of mind that their child(ren) will receive expert care while educating them on how to give their baby the best possible start in life.


When Celina isn’t studying or working, Celina can be found going on adventures with her family, trying new recipes and experiencing life!

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Celina's Accomplishments

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