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Celina believes that you should always follow what your intuition tells you. Motherhood has led her towards pursing a more natural way of living, “crunchy” with cloth diapering, essential oils, grounding, baby wearing, etc, and she brings this knowledge to with her when she works with postpartum clients.
Celina completed a nutritional doula certification while pregnant to ensure proper nourishment pregnant and postpartum and loves helping her clients prepare meals that will nourish their bodies and help them heal.
Celina utilizes respectful care in all facets of her work, which is knowledge that she gained from the R.I.E. (Resources for Infant Educarers) Foundational. This type of care is something that she has infused into her personal parenting practice, and it's something she shares with her clients.
All of this combined with her being a parent herself makes Celina the perfect coach for your postpartum self-care!
Sleep consult
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Elite Newborn Care Specialist™


Possessing a wealth of knowledge about newborn care and development, I provide hands on 24/7 care worldwide to families who desire an expert in the field. I will travel to your home anywhere in the world to provide care for your newborn during the day as well as at night when you are sleeping. My experience includes close contact care of newborns, frequent diaper changes, feeding at all times, handling multiples, and troubleshooting concerns that may arise.

My approach to newborn care uses a combination of evidence based practices and holistic methods to support postpartum families. My 24/7 care includes traveling with the family when needed and providing transition planning when it's time for a nanny to take over.

Certified Lactation Counselor


For the lactating parent that's having difficulty with breastfeeding/chestfeeding, I can assess the problem and devise a solution to support your breastfeeding/chestfeeding journey by possessing the skills to educate families and support the breastfeeding/chestfeeding dyad through any challenges that may arise.

I provide respectful, culturally sensitive support whether it's helping with latching techniques, positioning, or assisting with a clogged duct. Whether in person or virtually,  it is my desire to provide the proper education and support so that every family can experience a fulfilling breastfeeding/chestfeeding journey. 

Virtual Lactation Consultations Available Worldwide

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Infant Sleep Consultant


Have you been told that having a baby means that you won't ever get a good night's sleep ever again?  It doesn't have to be that way, and you can create a healthy sleep foundation for your baby to ensure that everyone in the family gets the best sleep possible.

Through evidence based methods, we will look at all aspects of your baby's routine, from eating to playing, to determine the best way for your baby to sleep through the night.  Once we understand what is normal for your baby and determine the best way to establish healthy sleep patterns, I can create a unique plan that meets both your and your baby's needs.

Understanding the science behind sleep will give you the insight necessary to make informed decisions about how best to care for your new family member. Having an understanding of what your baby needs will help you become a more confident and well rested parent, which is the ultimate goal for Wonderland's sleep consulting services.

Virtual Sleep Consultations Available Worldwide

Newborn Care Specialist

Connect with Celina 

Connect with me by email at, or phone at (971) 998-3570 and I’ll be in touch to set up a consultation to discuss your infant sleep needs.


I can’t wait to hear from you!


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